Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I-PHEX 2016 KL

10 August 2016

Lepas pelbagai dugaan untuk join exhibition nih, dipendekkan cerita aku dapat jugak gi. Venuenya kat UTM Jalan Semarak, and I have no idea about jalan KL. I drove alone from Muadzam to UTM, luckily Mr. Waze tak menyesatkan aku. There are 2 hotels in UTM, one is Scholar's Inn which was fully-booked. And the second is BATC, opposite Scholar's Inn. Batc tu is kind of budget hotel, and cheaper than SI.  Tapi tak kisah pun, coz I am travelling alone.

During the IPHEX, I was impressed by others' research and poster. Theirs are much more interesting and high impact than mine. But like my SV said, just try your best and learn from others.
After lunch, I returned to the exhibition place to collect my stuffs. Some other presenters congratulate me and grab some photos. If they don't tell me, I would have known that I won the second place. Only after that I realized that there is a Silver sticker on my poster. Wooww.. Quite surprised because I think I spent almost half an hour to explain my study to the judges and I am not satisfied because I think my presentation was kind of lacks of coherence. When I told my SV, she was so excited and called me. Ni namanya rezeki...Perhaps, next time I kene lebih prepare. This is the second exhibition that I have participated so far and also won the award. Although it is not Gold, but I am so grateful. Alhamdulillah.

During the evaluation

A day after that, I spent a half day, pusing2 KL (of course it means shopping) with my sis-in-law who is working at SME Bank. Safely arrived at Muadzam around 6pm.

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