Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My new hobby

Now, I have a new hobby. Before this during my study leave, aku cuma tanam pokok2 yang boleh dimakan. Konon2 nak create 'edible garden'. Tapi after a while, aku tak jumpa some pokoks yang aku nak such as teragon, dill, sage, tyme and oregano, so I decided to tanam pokok bunga. For the time being, aku cuma tanam roses, hibiscus, gratus and YTT (yesterday, today and tomorrow). Recently I also grew curly parsley & Italian parsley. I plan utk tanam more, very soon. It makes me happy when I see those flowers.

Isu tanah

Jangan percaya 100% what was written in the newspaper. Ada yang betul and ada jugak yang inaccurate info.  Kes ni sampai sekarang belum setel. Hikmahnya ialah, lepas ni kalau nak beli tanah, make sure you deal with the right lawyer.  Lepas ada isu ni I learnt a lot about land purchasing. harap2 selesai cepat, insyaAllah.


Aku tengah buat backup folder utk my photos. I found photos that I want to share here:

Their first day of school 2016.
From left: Mukmin (10y), Auni (6y), Mursyid (11y), Musyrif @ Abam (7y) 

First day of school 2016- in Kelas Agama Muadzam Shah (KAMUS) uniform

Happy birthday Abah 2016
(This is the best I can get in Muadzam)

As usual, he asked for a cheesecake

Happy birthday my dear Mursyid. Semoga menjadi anak soleh dan  menjadi AlHafiz

This is Debob, my neighbor's cat. Yet he always hanging around at ours.

My lil princess- Auni. Semoga menjadi anak solehah dan Al Hafizah . Cita2 nak jadi ustazah 

Auni and her fav friend @ her dua pupu- Balqish

My boys in their specially-designed shirts, sponsored by Along

Abam is having a great time while everyone is waiting for him to finish his foods. He enjoyed munching the chic bones!

2015-  our visit to Kak Norlia's home. Me and my KPM's friends

2014- Auni and Kak Kakwa

My lil princess again.. Banyaknya gambar dia :)

Mukmin. I think he was 4 years old.

My boys in Nasyid competion- Kem Anak Soleh UNITEN 2015

Attending a birthday celebration - Salahuddin

Hari pindah rumah 12-12-2015

Abam first day of school during break. I have to observe him for 3 days

Left- Mr.Hubby photo many2 years ago 

Attending a carnival at KPMIM

My adorable & genius Abam

This is Merah- our neighbor's cat in Kg Padang. I wonder why our neighbor's cat always hanging around with my kids

My sweethearts and Merah

Trip to Janda Baik 2016

Sempena cuti CNY yang lepas we decided to go to JB with both my sis in laws. We stayed at Hawa Resort. Not bad lah. So these are the photos. Takde masa nak citer panjang2.