Thursday, November 28, 2013

Again...Melaka 2013

Early this month during the Deepavali holiday, we brought our children to A Famosa Resort, again. The last time we went was after my confinement in 2009. I remember carrying Musyrif who was 6 weeks to Safari World. Now, having 4 kids to be taken care of is much more challenging. We spent 2 days at Mr.Hubby's brother's house @ MRSM Alor Gajah. On the first day we went to Safari and the second day we went to the Water World. I bought the tickets almost 3 months earlier, during the promotion in which I only spend RM20 per ticket instead of RM48. And no doubt it is worthwhile bringing the kids there. Although it was absolutely tedious, but we really enjoyed the time that we spent together. On the third night, we stayed overnight at Seri Malaysia Ayer Keroh. The last time I stayed at  Seri Malaysia was like 10 years ago and at that time the room rate was only rm90 per night stay. now it has cost rm230..wowww.....was surprised but I would rather just stay there instead of searching for other cheaper hotel. We also managed to try 2 famous Asam Pedas restaurants, both in Kota Laksamana.. Both offer  delicious and tasty range of asam pedas but I prefer the one called Asam Pedas Claypot. The Asam Pedas tetel was marvelous and delectable.

After two weeks time, again..I went to Melaka but this time without Mr.Hubby. My sister, Angah came by bus to Kuantan just to accompany me to Melaka.All of my children were happy to  have a trip again, especially when I told them that I we are going to stay at a hotel.  We spent 3 nights at Melaka, staying at Malacca Strait and Equatorial Hotel. Really appreciate my sis who has spent couple of days to look aftr my kids while I was attending the conference. With the accommodating facilities and services, Equatorial would be my choice if I were to come again. I am not happy to leave Mr.Hubby , but without choice I have to as he has his master classes in that particular week. And at the same time I need to attend the ICELT 2013- International Conference on English Language Teaching. The paper that I presented was on the 1st day, when the participants are still energetic and fresh with ideas. Guess somehow it's beneficial to prepare for my viva..After 3 nights, I stayed 1 night at Angah's house at Bukit Rambai and spend the rest of the week at my Mum's @ PD until Mr Hubby came by bus to bring us back to Kuantan.

Overall, I am really satisfied and grateful that I managed to present 2 papers at 2 different conference ; ICELT and SeLLT (by UMP). Apart from that, I completed 4 out of 7 session of my data collection. On top of that, I also brought my kids twice for a holiday which definitely was awesome and wonderful.

Angah and her family with my kids

@ Malacca Strait Hotel

@ Equatorial Hotel

 The asam pedas tetel is really delicious.
The fish asam pedas is yummy.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

preparation of collecting data

The new sem begins , last week. I manage to arrange for a brief meeting with my sv on the data collection which is planned this sem. Alhamdullilah, based on the pilot test that I did in May, there wasn't any major thing that I have to changed related to the instruments and materials in my study. I am happy that I had to removed 22 items in my questionnaire (which still is better rather than if I had to add in something) and add few questions for a semi structured interviews with the participants. Though I am almost ready for the data collection which is scheduled right after the Eidul Adha, I am still worried , praying that nothing goes wrong during the actual collection of data.Oh, recently I also found someone mentioned about the use of intact groups in study where she says that  it is pedagogically realistic (Adams, 2006). Thanks to Rebecca Adams , she is the sv of my sv.

Monday, July 29, 2013


This Ramadhan is totally different for me. Since I have successfully completed my proposal, so my sv said that I can have a rest for this  month. Glad to hear that. This is because I will be collecting data for my study in he next semester, and at this moment, the sample of my study is on not around due to sem break.
So, what do i do?? I spend my time at home, being a housewife. I dont send Auni and Musyrif to nursery, I fetch Mursyid and Mukmin from school and send them to KAFA. I cook, I do housechores. This time around, I am happy that I manage to finish reading the Holy Quran by the 19th day of fasting. syukur sangat.
Well, I guess being a housewife is not so bad at all.
Tiap2 hari aku akan masak not only lauk2 untuk berbuka n sahur, tapi jugak dessert. Aku masak puding tembikai, puding milo oreo, popia goreng, karamel and many other kuih muih. Just untuk habiskan masa kat umah. Plus I am so happy to see my kids makan beria bila aku masak . I remember once aku masak nasi Mendhi dengan ayam bakar sekor, makan dalam dulang. Diorang makan berebut2 ayam sekor tuh,, smpai ke tulang. Habis licin ayam sekor masa  berbuka. Not to forget, julung2 kalinya aku buat kuih raya. Aku suka masak lauk2 and other dishes as long as bukan kuih2 yg kene sukat.I cooked malaysian dishes, western , timur tengah dishes etc. Kuih tradisional tak payah sukat2, so aku boleh je buat. Tang sukat2 tuh mmg aku x minat. Tapi disebabkan tahun ni aku dah puas masak mcm2, aku pun nk la try sekali. So, aku pun pilihla kuih paling senang dibuat di dunia iaitu cornflakes madu. mmg sng, tak payah sukat2 bagai, lebur je sume. taklah sebest mana pun, org lain buat kuih lagi mcm2 tapi aku puas hati la sbb nya aku mmg tak suka n tak penah buat kuih  raya. mmg la jadi , kalo tak jadi mmg buat malu la kan kuih punya sng nk buat pun x reti. ni la outputnya..

harap2 nya nexr year pun aku dapat mem'free'kan diri during ramadhan. so  i can spend more time with my family and my ibadat. many doctorate people say that this is the time for me to do whatever i want to do , coz once i have graduated, i will be given a bundle of tasks to be completed and responsibilities, make me wonder, am I ready for the world after i graduated?????

Monday, July 8, 2013

menjelang Ramadhan

semalam, lega rasanya aku dh dapat beli baju kurung Auni untuk raya. baju Auni tak susah nak carik cuma yg susah nya nak carik baju untuk Mursyid, Mukmin and Muusyrif coz I need to find 3 different size. so bila kami g beli last week, the first thing that we look at was the size, colour becomes the 2nd priority. Nanti dah pilih kaler bagai, tup tup takde size. so  it's btter to search for the right size, no matter what the colour is. Baju2 raya yang lain aku dah beli awal2, masa cny. aku  mmg suka beli awal2 supayat tak payah berebut2 dgn  orang. lagi pun time posa mmg malas la nak g shopping kan, baik dok umah j buat ape yg patut..
Anyway, semoga Ramadhan kalo ni lebih bermakna dan lebih baik for me and my family

Friday, June 21, 2013

It's a relief

Alhamdulillah, after all the struggles I had for the past few months, I finally had passed my first stage of proposal defense, last Tuesday. Thank you Allah for making it ends with goodness.It was a tedious, exhausting process where I woke up as early as 4 in the morning to ensure I manage to complete the proposal. The first comment given by the reviewers was- it is really mind-boggling to read the proposal since it is 120 pages, including appendices. Still, I feel it is rather insufficient as I know that there are many other studies that I have not put in due to time constraint. Same goes to my sv and field sv where they also mentioned the same thing. Usually a proposal will be around 30-50 pages. Well, I guess giving more is better than less, right.

For the next 2 months, I will focus more on the papers that I am going to present this November and publishing my study. Hopefully in this 2 months I will be able to complete the submission to the conference and perhaps at least one complete paper for publication. It is quite frustrating because I had to cancel my plan to present my paper at Vietnam and Canada due to inappropriate time. Since hubby is also studying at the same time, it is really difficult to arrange time to go abroad. However, alhamdulillah I managed to attend MELTA conference at  Persada last month, with my family. Though I feel guilty as my husband had to look after the kids in the hotel room and preparing for his final exam at the same time, I guess it is worthwhile.
I also plan to collect data some time in September when the new semester begins.

And this weekend, I am giving myself a few days of break, to spend time with my family. Mak, Along and Angah are on their way to come here and it makes me so excited.

Monday, March 4, 2013


wow..lama betul tak jenguk blog ni. sejak aku pindah kuantan semula, baru sekali aku update.
well, life has been busier for me. hubby pun dh start kelas master dia, every weekdays till 11pm..he has to go through what i had been gone through last 5 years. tapi skrg lagi kelam kabut sbb dua2 blaja..takpelah, bak kata mak, bukan sng nak carik senang..btw, mum has been here for the last 3 weeks, it has been almost a month and she's going back to PD this weekend. aku amik mak bawak balik sini otw aku balik dr CH during the CNY . It is not just me who is so happy that she's here, my kids the merier. mana taknya, makanan is well served, cooked. nenek pun manjakan cucu2 lebih lagi..huby pun suka sbb hari2 mak tanya nak masak ape..mak kan, mmg mcm tuh. ape2 pun mesti dia dulukan anak dia, taapi dlm kes ni mak aku dulukan hubby aku..huhu, ni yg jeles ni.