Thursday, September 26, 2013

preparation of collecting data

The new sem begins , last week. I manage to arrange for a brief meeting with my sv on the data collection which is planned this sem. Alhamdullilah, based on the pilot test that I did in May, there wasn't any major thing that I have to changed related to the instruments and materials in my study. I am happy that I had to removed 22 items in my questionnaire (which still is better rather than if I had to add in something) and add few questions for a semi structured interviews with the participants. Though I am almost ready for the data collection which is scheduled right after the Eidul Adha, I am still worried , praying that nothing goes wrong during the actual collection of data.Oh, recently I also found someone mentioned about the use of intact groups in study where she says that  it is pedagogically realistic (Adams, 2006). Thanks to Rebecca Adams , she is the sv of my sv.