Monday, November 16, 2015


Pertengahan tahun ni Mr.Hubby & I decided untuk sunat kan our boys. Husband nak sunatkan Mursyid & Mukmin je. Tapi aku pujuk dia sunatkan Musyrif sekali. Alasannya ialah aku tengah cuti belajar so nak jaga 3 orang sekali gus. Kalau tak sunat Abam (Musyrif) sekali nanti next time sape nak ajag dia , sb masa tuh mesti aku dah masuk kerja. Dengan alasan itu, maka bersunatlah my 3 boys.

The boys bersunat kat klinik kat PD. Memandangkan masa tu cuti sek & aku still cuti. Lagi satu, boleh lah mak aku tengok2kan camne nak jaga the boys. Lagi satu alasan, Auni ada lah ramai kawan2 kat PD nanti. kalau tak mesti dia bosan takleh main dgn abg2 sebab sume bersunat. hehe..
So , guna kaedah clamp. Ada pros & cons. Start bersunat dengan Mursyid, Musyrif & last sekali Mukmin. Memang saje buh Mukmin yang last sebab dah tau mesti ada extra sound effect. Kalau Mukmin sunat no 1, nanti yang lagi 2 taknak sunat plak..
So antara semua, yang takde masalah sangat nak jaga ialah Mursyid & Musyrif. Mukmin tu susah sikit nak jaga  & ada byk pengalaman2 masa dia sunat. natni lain kali baru citer..
Apa pun, syukur alhamdulillah dah selamat bersunat semua hero ku. Kalau  orang tanya pendapat nak sunat guna kaedah ape, aku cadangkan guna kaedah tradisional je la...

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Spot questions

According to Dr.Ot's blog:

1. What is the topic / discipline of your research area?
2. What is your study about?
3. What made you think that your study is worth doing?
4. What is the main problem / issue are you going to tackle?
5. What is the main debates related to the problem/issue?
6. What is the current debates related to the problem/issue?
7. Generally, what the literature says about the problem / issue?
8. How are you going to tackle the problem / issue?
9. What is the contribution (to the body of knowledge) of your study in your field?
10. What are the main problem statement for your study?
11. What is your expected finding before starting your study?
12. How did you review previous studies?
13. Who is the main authors / experts / leading researcher in the area of your investigation?
14. Can you mention 3 main journals you have reviewed related to your field?
15. Now, can you mention the title of your study
16. What is the ‘novel’ / "original' aspect of your study?
17. What are the variables involved in your study, and why you decided to choose them?
18. Briefly explain the theoretical / conceptual framework underpinnings your study?
19. What is the research design of you study? Why used quantitative not qualitative or not mixed method (or vice versa)
20. What instrument are you going to use – pilot test, validity and reliability?
21. How did you analyse your data?
22. How the statistical analysis used in your study appropriate to answer your research questions?
23. Have you tested all the assumption related to your data?
24. How did you get your sample? What is your sampling technique?
25. How far can you generalise the finding?
26. Can you summarize the main finding of your study?
27. Is there any direct impact in term of the practical implication of the finding?
28. Are you satisfied with the outcome of your study – If not, how could you improve your study / procedure / framework?
29. What aspects of your methodology differ from others?
30. Have you faced any difficulty in conducting your study, and how did you overcome it?
31. What is the best advice or recommendation can you give to the future candidate related to this topic?
32. Can you now consider yourself as an expert in this field? Why?
33. Why do you think that your thesis has achieved the PhD /Master standard / level? 

After 3 years

After 3 years...

I learned that there is no short cut to gain a success.
I learned that family is the most important and my children are always  my top priority.
I learned that you can meet many people but not everyone can be a good one to you.
I learned that sometimes people who are not your relatives might be the one who always stand beside you, more that your own.
I learned that no matter how high my achievement is, it comes from Allah, biiznillah.
I learned that Allah always listen to your prayers.
I learned that what ever I do, or plan to do , I must ask guidance from Allah.

and I learned that

I have learned so many things throughout this journey. Deep in my heart I wish  I could experience this journey again, although I hope it ends the soonest as possible. This is the most precious journey I ve ever had. If I were given a choice, I would, definitely will start this journey all over again. Because it's my passion.